Talent idea 

Development and expansion of the company always can't depart from the support of the excellent talents, talent is the enterprise of "development, the source of competition". After years of struggle the company have established a "professional, efficient and harmonious" team, the company has" sincere harmony, advancing with The Times" team spirit.

Our talent concept is "attracting talent, respect for talent, develop talent, make good use of talents.

  • Attracting talent 
  • Respect talent 
  • Develop talent 
  • Bestuse talent 

  We advocate "the enterprise growth and employee growth" mode of "double growth", in an effort to achieve company targets at the same time, also help employees self-fulfillment, provide fair opportunity and condition for each employee, make a fair evaluation of employee performance; Recognition and respect employees' personal interests, and employees share enterprise development achievements; To improve employees' working and living environment, improve staff quality of life and happiness.