Social responsibility 

  Public welfare undertakings to measure a country's development level and the degree of civilization. As an important part of social organization, the main creators of social material wealth, enterprises and entrepreneurs will do all it can to eager concern and support the social public welfare undertakings, is the consideration of each enterprise moral standards. Support for public welfare, bear the responsibility is not only the demand of social progress, is also the necessity of developing enterprise itself. As an enterprise in stressing efficiency and benefits at the same time, also want to talk about obligation and public welfare, to actively undertake social responsibility, this is the embodiment of the enterprise business and commercial values. We will focus on six aspects to all social responsibility of the work: one is to do strongly does. To serve the motherland with excellent operating performance, this is our ultimate responsibility. Second, the integrity of law-abiding. To boost social civilization progress with exemplary actions, in good faith to create the overall image. Third is green. Brave take on the historical mission of the era have entrusted to, this is at least an enterprise social responsibility and moral standards. 4 it is scientific and technological innovation. With the remarkable innovation vigorously promote the development of social innovation. Five is a harmonious win-win situation. Treat employees, shareholders and all kinds of customers and partners, a win-win principle forging enterprise core values. Six is poor. Support the social public welfare undertakings, with big heart of love is sincere return society.